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Refund Policy

Unless otherwise specified for particular products, we shall refund you your payment if you decide to cancel your orders within twenty four (24) hours after your order has been confirmed and prior to shipment except for the transaction fees charged which is non-refundable. Once your order has been shipped, refund is not allowed.
Coffeepii may give refunds for purchases, depending on the refund policies described below. You can also contact us directly
  • If products was wrongly shipped which not match to order placed.
  • If products received was spoiled, mouldy or expired.
  • If occurs above issues, kindly ship back the products in 3-5 working days to claim for refund.
  • We will not accept any refund for order over 3 days.
  • Once your refund request has been approved, we will take 7 working days to proceed your refund.

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